FUJIFILM Workshop 2023

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Fujifilm Electronic Materials would like to invite you to our Advanced Lithography Workshop 2023, which will take place in Italy and Germany. We revert back to our two-half day format. Of course, we would be happy to see you presenting your resolved or unresolved challenges and findings. Please feel free to reserve a slot with us.


Tuesday and Wednesday, 19/20 September 2023

Devero Hotel & SPA
Largo Kennedy 1
20873 Cavenago di Brianza (MB), Italy


Thursday and Friday, 21/22 September 2023

Grundbesitz Hellerau
Moritzburger Weg 67
01109 Dresden, Germany

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Our current line-up for 2023, but more to come...

Final agendas will be avaliabe in the week of the workshop.




Anke Wörz


Challenges of switching to a modern resist

Seiya Masuda

Fujifilm Electronic Materials

Magnetic material R&D for the planar inductor in 3D-IC package

Brid Connolly

Toppan Photomask

Manufacturing of NIL Masters for AR/VR Applications and Metalenses using Photomask Technology

Douglas Guerrero

Brewer Science

Multilayer materials for KrF lithography

Lander Verstraete


Directed Self-Assembly for Rectification of Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Patterns: Exploring the Benefits and Challenges.

Ksenija Varga

EVG Group

Dynamic Die Annotations Patterning by Maskless Exposure on 7th Generation Color Mosaics

Danilo De Simone


EUV lithography patterning towards device nano scaling

Keita Kato

Fujifilm Electronic Materials

A novel formulated developer for negative-tone imaging with EUV exposure to improve chemical stochastic

Paper list work in progress and will be updated...

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Please find a few nice memory shots from the workshop in 2022 here below.

Get ready for the hands-on in 2023!

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